Thursday, December 20, 2007

Message from Mr. Mackenzie


In honor of the National Championship football game, on Monday, January 7th the dress code will be amended so that everyone may wear either Ohio State University or Louisiana State University spirit wear. (It should be interesting to see how many LSU fans there are around here!!) For clarification purposes spirit wear may be from the waist up, with regular dress code below the waist.

Lower and Middle School Faculty - Please put this word out to your students
Upper School Students - This (and perhaps an announcement at this morning's exam) will be your notification

Happy vacation to all and "Go Bucks."

John Mackenzie

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reading Games

To reinforce reading skills that we have been working on with our Open Court Series, the students played reading games. The games were related to inferencing, the main idea, site words, and fact/opinion. These are some important skills that could be reinforced at home as well. The students brought home a Fairy Tale Reading Castle yesterday for reading over the break. This is a great way to keep their reading structured, and it also gives them a goal to work toward. I have placed fairy tale books out for the students to take home if needed. If you still need more books for the reading tree, please encourage your child to check them out from the library here at school, or our classroom before they leave on Thursday! Over the break, please continue to have your child read for 15 minutes a night, and practice math facts. Thank you for your support!

Winter Traditions Celebration

I just wanted to send a big thank you to the parents for giving up their time to help explain their winter tradition. The students really enjoyed learning about other family traditions, and tasting them as well! Thank you to Mrs. Tuckerman, Mrs. Cook, Ms. Munster, and Mrs. Whitman for spending time in the classroom. What an enjoyable afternoon!

Tardy Times

The 2A Vikings have been experiencing an outbreak of late-to-schoolitis. Since Thanksgiving Break, 4 to 5 students have been tardy each day. “Tardy” is defined as arriving inside the 2A classroom after 8:05 a.m. While snowy weather last week certainly contributed to late arrivals a few days, the cause remains under investigation for the non-weather affected days. Late arrivers start their day frantically trying to catch up, and these students feel stressed before their day even begins. Please do all that you can to stop this epidemic. Make sure that late-to-schoolitis does not affect your family, and impact your child’s start of the day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More PreK Pics

PreK Buddies

The PreKers are learning about colors, so the second graders were able to help them construct a color book!

Student of the Week

Emily is our new student of the week! She was born in Columbus and loves the Buckeyes! Dear Dumb Diary is her favorite book, and she is very proud of her family. She said her favorite state is New York, and she really enjoys traveling (especially to Europe). How exciting! The students loved hearing about the monkeys on the cars in Brazil, and they were fascinated by her stories. We hope Emily gets her wish of becoming famous someday!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Student of the Week

Sarabeth is our new "star"! We loved listening to her many stories about the pictures she shared. She seems to have such a great time with her family, and really seems to enjoy their company. She loved sharing her "beauty day" picture, and we all complimented her on how beautiful she looked! Sarabeth plays volleyball, and she likes to make Egyptian poses while water skiing! She is very animated, and we hope she gets her wish of being an explorer someday! Great job, Sarabeth!


Second Grade Dress Down


The second graders will spend part of Thursday afternoon (December 6th) participating in Kwanzaa stations. The students will read books, create crafts, and sing songs related to this African American celebration. Some of the activities will be videotaped for viewing at the Lower School Holiday Gathering (1:45 - 2:45 on December 20th). In observance of the Colors of Kwanzaa, we are asking students to wear red, green, or black on Thursday. The children can wear a tee shirt, sweatshirt, or a polo ~ whatever you find in the closet that is primarily red, green, or black! Students may also dress down in jeans and tennis shoes on this day.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dachshund's Wish

Dear Parents,
Your child will be bringing home a new book to read with you tonight. This book has many chapters, and is somewhat challenging. Your child will have homework tonight to read Chapter 1 and 2. Please be sure to have your child read aloud to you to make sure he/she is understanding the book, and is that he/she is able to read the harder words. If you would like, you may take turns reading with your child. We call this partner reading. This book will be part of their homework for the next 2 weeks, so please make sure the book comes back to school each day. Also, please make sure your child does not write in the book and places it in his/her bookbag each night. We ask that you have your child place it in their bookbag (I know it can be tempting to do it for them) so they are learning how to be responsible and take care of items that do not belong to them. This is part of their reading for 15 minutes each night. I have enclosed a copy of the Dachshund's Wish Word Wall in their bag. It would be helpful to go over the words for the chapter they are reading that night. Discuss the meaning of the words, and what part of speech they are. The students have been learning about nouns, adjectives, and verbs in class, but it would still be helpful to review it with them at home. Thanks for your support with this reading project!
Mrs. R.

Pilgrim Presentations

2A created projects (visuals, facts, and activities) related to a topic they picked that peaked their interest after reading If you Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. We had such a variety of activities presented that day. The students did a wonderful job displaying their creativity with these projects. Some of the projects included games, a play, posters, cartoons, bingo, and many more! What a creative bunch of kids!