Monday, October 29, 2007

Mason - Student of the Week October 29th

We really enjoyed Mason's pictures! Mason really seems to enjoy being around his little brother! He also seems to love sports, dogs, the CA playground, twizzlers and brownies! If Mason gets his wish of being a professional football AND baseball player, he will be VERY busy! Hopefully he will invite his second grade teacher to one of his games in the future! Thanks to Mason for sharing his special memories with us.

Fire Prevention

Thank you to Mr. Helsel and Dave from Mifflin Township for coming to help us learn about fire prevention! Hopefully we will all have an escape plan when we go home tonight! The students also enjoyed dressing up their teacher in fire gear! Check out the pictures of the smoke that filled the trailer to help simulate what a real fire would be like. We had no idea we wouldn't be able to see around us! What a fun morning! (I'm sorry for the sideways pictures!) :)

Student of the Week- Davis

We really enjoyed listening to Davis' student of the week autobiography! I especially loved hearing about his favorite NFL team (the Steelers), because I was able to have a connection with him! Some of Davis' favorites were lizards, turtles, and Geronimo Stilton books! His favorite thing about our school was the playground! We hope Davis gets his wish of meeting A-Rod! :) Davis also did a wonderful job with his illustrations of his autobiography!

Friday, October 26, 2007

A funny pictures of 2Aers!

This is 2A showing their funniest faces!

More Pictures of Mrs. R.'s Halloween Costume

Mrs. R.'s Halloween Costume

Our environmentalists in 2A have been working hard to create my costume for Halloween. The second grade team of teachers are going to be the 4 R's...Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Rethink! I am Reuse, so the children have been using reusable products to make my costume. I have a cape, some jewelry, a purse, a belt, a drink carrier, etc. The students are very excited about their creation!

Author's Chair Continued...

It took such bravery to share their personal stories, and 2A should be very proud of how hard they have been working during Writing Workshop!

More Author's Chair Pictures...

2A did such a wonderful job sharing their stories. You can see from the pictures that they especiall loved Cole's story about silverware! It was very creative, and he had the students rolling with laughter!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Author's Chair

The students have been busy writers during Writing Workshop. We finally took a small break to share our hard work. The authors sat up on the author's chair to share their current favorite piece of writing! We are developing such amazing writers!

Pumpkin Carving

Last week 2A witnessed a pumpkin carving from a very LARGE pumpkin! They loved it!