Thursday, May 31, 2007

Student of the Week

Austen's baby pictures are adorable! The students loved the picture of him on the roller coaster, and the one with the beluga whale. We hope Austen fulfills his wish of being in the NBA! I am so glad that he loves everything about school! What a positive kid!

Student of the Week

We loved the picture of Anthony kissing the dolphin! It seems like he has such a good time with his family! Anthony also told us that he loves nachos! Anthony had some really great pictures, especially his favorite one. The students thought it was very funny!

The Dog Slideshow

Emily, Casey, and Olivia did a wonderful job researching dogs. They shared a powerpoint presentation with the class, and had a quiz at the end! If the students answered the questions correctly, they were able to win a prize! We are so proud of their hard work! They sure do love dogs!

Student of the Week

We loved Sari's pictures, and really enjoyed hearing about her love for dancing. She also loves to read, and she especially cares for her younger brothers! She is always such a happy child, and we have loved having her in class!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pet Day Pictures...

The students loved bringing in their pets to share with their classmates. We were so surprised to see how friendly the pets were with each other! Thank you very much to the parents that gave up their time to bring in the pets to share!

Princess isn't quite sure what to think about Ginger...

Pet Day

Who had more fun? The dogs, or the kids?

Pet Day

I think PET DAY was a big success!!

Pet Day

"Now what's she looking for?" (Princess, Ginger and Ollie)

Pet Day Pics continued...

Ginger says "Now seriously, do I look like I would hurt you?"

"Look, Princess, I'll even roll over on my back while you decide if
you like me or not"

Pet Day!

"Pssst! Just between you and me, you're the cutest one here besides
me!" :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

PreK pics

More PreK pics...

PreK Buddies

The students met with their PreK buddies for the last time. The PreKers were so excited to share their books with the second graders. I know the second graders will sure miss them this summer!

Student of the Week

Casey's bobble head trophy was hilarious! She seems to be very proud of her family! We enjoyed hearing about what makes her so special!

More pictures of Special Friends Day...

Special Friends Day!

More Special Friends Day Pictures

Special Friends Day!

The students enjoyed spending time with their special friends. They were able to share their Dino Diaries, Writing Portfolios, and songs they have learned in Music. We would like to send a special thank you to all of the special friends for taking the time to visit with us. The students loved having you all here!

Student of the Week

Christy sure loves her Webkinz! The students loved the picture of Christy's dog on a scooter, too! We absolutely love hearing her daily stories about Princess!