Monday, November 26, 2007

Dachshund's Wish

Dear Parents,
Your child will be bringing home a new book to read with you tonight. This book has many chapters, and is somewhat challenging. Your child will have homework tonight to read Chapter 1 and 2. Please be sure to have your child read aloud to you to make sure he/she is understanding the book, and is that he/she is able to read the harder words. If you would like, you may take turns reading with your child. We call this partner reading. This book will be part of their homework for the next 2 weeks, so please make sure the book comes back to school each day. Also, please make sure your child does not write in the book and places it in his/her bookbag each night. We ask that you have your child place it in their bookbag (I know it can be tempting to do it for them) so they are learning how to be responsible and take care of items that do not belong to them. This is part of their reading for 15 minutes each night. I have enclosed a copy of the Dachshund's Wish Word Wall in their bag. It would be helpful to go over the words for the chapter they are reading that night. Discuss the meaning of the words, and what part of speech they are. The students have been learning about nouns, adjectives, and verbs in class, but it would still be helpful to review it with them at home. Thanks for your support with this reading project!
Mrs. R.

Pilgrim Presentations

2A created projects (visuals, facts, and activities) related to a topic they picked that peaked their interest after reading If you Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. We had such a variety of activities presented that day. The students did a wonderful job displaying their creativity with these projects. Some of the projects included games, a play, posters, cartoons, bingo, and many more! What a creative bunch of kids!

More Pilgrim Day Photos...

Pilgrim Day Photos!

The second grade was able to enjoy a Pilgrim Day on Wednesday. They had fun chopping vegetables to prepare for the pottage, playing Pilgrim games, singing songs, and enjoying pottage, cornbread, and cider afterwards! What a fun day!

Thank you, Mrs. Morris!

Mrs. Morris shared her love for rocks and bones! She was also able to share information about her archaelogical digs! The students were fascinated! I now have children in the class that would like to be geologists someday! We loved hearing her stories and feeling the Flint Rock she brought in to share. Thank you for giving up your time to be with us Mrs. Morris! We really learned a lot!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Request from PE Teachers

This is a request for help. We are in need of gently used swimming suits for the Lower school students. Especially size 5,6,7, 8 and 10. These are used for students that forget their swimsuits. (For example, we sent the suits home last night to be cleaned and we had a few students forget to bring them back the next day) If you could help we would appreciate it. The suits can be dropped off in the PE office. Thank you and have a nice weekend!!

Craig and Lori (PE department)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Updates for 2A!

Hello parents,
I just wanted to send a few updates about the next couple months...
Information went home today regarding Pilgrim Day, so please be sure to check your child's folder. We will need some items brought in for next Wednesday. If you plan to be out of town, please e-mail me a reminder so I will know our exact count for the day. Also, if your child plans to be absent that day, then you do NOT need to donate the Pilgrim Day items.

Today's Homework: Please remind your child that tonight's homework should not take any more than 1 hour. If they are working on it for over 1 hour, please stop them and have them finish the next day. We had an unexpected assignment pop up from Mrs. Oeth (Reading the Cinderella story - and doing the glyph), so I told them to make sure they stopped after 1 hour. They also have new homework of looking up spelling definitions, so this make take some extra time as well.

Also, we will be having a Winter Traditions Celebration on December 12 from 2-3pm. We could use around 5 people to volunteer to come in to share a Winter/Holiday tradition with the kids. Last year, the students rotated from room to room and listened to parents share traditions, and left with a small treat. For example, Sue shared the tradition of reading a candy cane book to her daughter and then eating candy canes after. We had parents bring in dough to talk about making Christmas cookies, we also had parents bring in the dradle game, and then gave the kids dradles when they left. There is no limit on the amount of people that want to volunteer that day, but we would like to have at least 5 parents come in. If you are interested, please contact our room mom at your earliest convenience. Again, the party is from 2-3pm, and you may take their children home right afterwards. Thank you for your help with this!

The students have been learning a lot about words in general. For example, synonyms, antonyms, nouns, verbs, and adjectives. If possible, please try to incorporate this vocabulary into your daily routines to help them learn this new vocabulary. Also, today the children went on a "voyage on the Mayflower" in the hall with the other second graders. They tasted salt-horse and hard-tac which was used on the ships. They learned what it was like for the Pilgrims during this time, and were able to be empathetic about this hard journey! Ask them about their favorite part of the journey!

Please continue to check the blog for up to date information. I am trying to stray away from using paper when possible, so please be sure to check it as much as possible! Thank you again for your support!

Volunteers needed for Open House!

If you would like to volunteer for 2007 Open House on Sunday, December 2nd from 2-4 and have not already volunteered, please feel free to contact Debbie Keeran at 337-4309 in the Admissions Office. Thank you!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The New Word of the Week!

Shriek is our new word of the week! Please ask your children about the old words of the week to help keep them fresh in their minds!

Also, today's math homework is not due until Wednesday!

Student of the Week

Ryan is our new Student of the Week! Can you believe he has 7 people in his family? Wow! Ryan loves baseball, football, steak, the playground and tigers! We hope he gets his wish of becoming a football player when he is older. He was born in Columbus, Ohio and admires his Mom and Dad. He also loves the Japanese Steak House and the Cleveland Indians! He seems to be especially proud of his trips to the baseball games with his family! We really enjoyed listening to all of the special characteristics about Ryan!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Santa Maria

Here are some adorable pictures from our field trip to the Santa Maria! Thank you to Mrs. Cook for the pictures! The students were able to listen to a guide discuss the many features of the Santa Maria and Christopher Columbus' voyage! Ask your child to compare and contrast this to our current topic of the Mayflower.

Student of the Week

Esther is our new student of the week! She likes elephants, gymnastics, and she admires her older sister! 2A loved her pictures, and thought the one of her dad diving was very neat! She also loves macaroni and cheese with ketchup! She said she used to spell her initials out with the ketchup, and then she really started liking it all together! We loved hearing about Esther and her family!

More Halloween Pics