Friday, April 18, 2008

Student of the Week

Annie is our new student of the week! It is apparent that she LOVES horses! Her favorite book is The Black Stallion, she is good at horseback riding, her favorite animal is a horse, and her wish is to be a famous horseback rider! Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese, she likes PE, and she admires her Mom. We hope she gets her wish someday so we can all come and watch her ride!

Star Party

The star party is on for tonight at 6:30!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Message from Mrs. Griffin

Hello Everyone,

The astronomy night (Star Party) on Friday, April 4 that was posted in the Viking Voice lead by Phil Lampe, parent of Nicola and Kristen, and the Nationwide Astronomy Club will be postponed until next Friday, April 11. All 1st through 8th graders are invited to view the stars that night. We will begin meeting at 6:30 at the south end of the Marsh Field track. Please join us! This is a great time to learn from experts how to find celestial objects, how to use telescopes, binoculars and other equipment, and learn the beauty and wonder of the sky at night. We hope for clear skies that night.

Dianne Griffin

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Student of the Week - Mary

Mary is our new student of the week! She is good at Tae Kwan Do and horseback riding. She loves pizza and the My Weird School Series. Her favorite animal is a dog, and her favorite thing about our school is the teachers! She also admires her mom, and she wishes to get $1,000 someday! Mary is also very proud of her family and she loves her dog!

Pre-K buddies

2A was able to help their buddies with a riddle activity about space! They had a great time visiting, and helping them solve the problems!