Thursday, September 25, 2008

Peter - Star Student

Peter is our new Star Student. He admires Michael Phelps, and he is good at swimming, baseball and basketball. Peter wishes to meet Michael Phelps, loves pizza and math, and his favorite books are the Harry Potter Series. Also, his is favorite animal is a dog. Peter was also very excited to share with the class that he was able to shake Barack Obama's hand this year at a convention! Peter is also very proud of his family, and he enjoyed sharing his pictures with the class.

Dalyn - Star Student

Dalyn is our new Star Student. He plays football, is a comedian, and is a good catcher! He also likes swimming and P.E. in school. He likes to play his Xbox at home, and his favorite animal is a huskie. He likes cookies, and his favorite book is Lego Knights. He wishes to be famous, and he likes recess and pancakes! Dalyn also admires LeBron James. We loved looking at all of Dayln's pictures and hearing him share special facts about himself!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lydia - Star Student

Lydia loves horses! Her favorite book is Sandy Lane Stables, A Horse for the Summer. She loves to ride horses too! Her favorite thing about school is learning. She admires her Mom and she wishes to be in the Olympics someday! She is good at swimming and soccer, and her favorite food is french toast. She loves reading, and she also loves to play outside! We loved hearing all about Lydia and her favorite things!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Mira - Star Student

Mira, the Star Student is very good at swimming. She wishes to meet Jordan Pruit, and she loves My Weird School books. She loves pizza and reading, and she admires Mrs. Roehrenbeck...isn't that sweet! She was born in New York, and she has traveled to England and India. She loved sharing pictures of the places she had traveled! She also told us she loves to do cartwheels! Mira was so happy to share her neat personality/characteristics with us, and we enjoyed hearing about her as well!

Chris - Star Student

Chris is our Star Student! He shared many interesting things with the class about himself and his family. Chris' favorite thing about The Columbus Academy is recess! He used to live in California, he is good at soccer, and he wishes for a car someday. He admires his father, his favorite books are Dr. Seuss books, and he loves pizza! We especially loved looking at all of his pictures of when he was younger. He is one special Star Student!

Partner Reading in 2A

Last week, 2A read The Ant and the Three Little Figs. In the following pictures, the students are partner reading and discussing questions about sharing stories at the end of the story. This story was a part of our Open Court Reading Series. Other books the children have been reading are Judy Moody Saves the World, Gooney Bird Greene during read aloud, and Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid during read aloud as well.

Monday, September 15, 2008

PreK Buddies

The moment 2A has been waiting for...PREK BUDDIES!!! The students were so excited to meet their new buddies and they had a blast doing the getting to know you activity!

Math Centers

The students have been learning about 2A's math centers and have had a chance to explore a few. In the following pictures the students are learning hundred board strategies to help them put a puzzle together.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carolyn - Star Student

Carolyn is our new Star Student! She loves ROCK AND ROLL! She wants to be a "rocker chick" when she grows up. She is good at playing the drums, and she likes listening to Avril Lavigne. She likes to read Junie B. Jones, and she loves music class. She likes grilled cheese, and her favorite animal is a polar bear. Carolyn is a fun, young girl and we loved hearing about her today!